The a&o Kunsthalle is an exhibition space for emerging artists, which is supported by the stART Foundation and the provision of the location of a&o hostels. The opening took place on November 30, 2018 and has been offering students, artists and those who want to become one, the opportunity to test themselves and experience exhibitions. The program of the a&o Kunsthalle is curated by its team and accompanied by mediating framework programs.

The former 19th century depot of the railway postoffice at Leipzig Central Station was redesigned in 2018 and the empty 500 square metre hall was transformed into a flexible exhibition and event location.

The a&o Kunsthalle aims to discover young and up-and-coming artists, to present their works of art professionally and to offer opportunities to participate in group and solo exhibitions in collaboration with young curators or in any setting that allows them to be experienced. We want to create a dialogue between singularities and collectives-curators and artists, artists and institutions, locals and visitors.

We strive to develop new concepts that enable talented artists to present themselves and their artworks in various forms and on various platforms, to establish links to art academies and art institutions and to open spaces for cultural interaction and cooperation.

We, the Kunsthalle team, have been working on a flexible, courageous concept of constant self-reflection during our early age to give each exhibition and each artist the tools that we can provide. In this way, the Kunsthalle is transformed into a laboratory dedicated to the cultural diversity that characterizes this unique common space.