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Artist Talk with Friederike Jokisch

Tanja Heuchele: Can you describe yourself in 5 sentences?

Friederike Jokisch: I am quiet_ but I can also be loud. I need time _ but I am sometimes incredibly fast. I like being outdoors in the countryside _ I usually commute between two cities (Berlin–Leipzig). Many doubts lead to the goal.

TH: Your life without art would be…

FJ: … beyond my imagination.

TH: What material inspires you the most? And which materials are you working with the most at the moment?

FJ: Natural materials, living things (the sea), thoughts and certain people inspire me the most. The process of painting with oil paint is somehow also a very natural one.

TH: Are there also materials that you would never use again?

FJ: No, you can never know that for sure.

TH: What literature did you study for preparing your art piece(s)?

FJ: Rosa Luxemburg: “Letters from Prison” / “Herbarium”

TH: What is your work about? What is your intention with it? What should it evoke in the viewer’s emotion?

FJ: Flying and falling. Viewer should come up with their own picture.

TH: When did the journey with Who’s afraid of_Rosa begin for you, and what keeps you involved?

FJ: Two years ago.

TH: How is the collective Who’s afraid of_Rosa organized? So far, I’ve only met female Rosa’s… can men also be part of it?

FJ: Men could also be part of it. However, as long as inequality between the sexes (visibility of women in art compared to their male colleagues) is so pronounced, these projects are vital.

TH: What does Rosa Luxemburg mean to you?

FJ: A strong woman with good ideas, ideals and passion.

TH: The subline of the exhibition is public space – private space – political space. What space do you (not) feel comfortable in? Where would you like to make a difference? What is your perception of space? Is it even the case that the above mentioned spaces do not exist without each other?

FJ: My work mainly relates to private space. However, this cannot be separated from political and public space; they are interwoven.

TH: How do you react to people who are not familiar with art, and how do you think they can be made to understand better?

FJ: I’m open to discussion.

TH: What do you enjoy about your life as an artist?

FJ: I’m not a vicarious agent, only there to carry out thoughts or actions that are foreign to me.

TH: What is great art for you?

FJ: Some works of Toba Khedori, Goya, Matisse, and thousands more.

TH: What about your next projects, exhibitions? Where can you be seen next?

FJ: Jahresgaben, Haus Kunst Mitte, Berlin (05/12/21 – 01/22)

Jahresgaben, White Square Gallery, Berlin (- 05/02/22)

Weil es ein schöner Abend war, Master students of Neo Rauch, Eigen+Art, Leipzig (12/02 – 19/03/22)

Solo Exhibition, Hübner+Hübner, Frankfurt/ Main (09/ 2022)

Photography by Gustav Franz

Portrait (c) Friederike Jokisch

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