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Artist Talk with Heba Mohamed

12 Questions to Artist: Heba Mohamed Heba’s work ponders the commodification and fetishization of cities, the over simplification, the reduction, and the dilution of complex narratives, histories, visuals, and experiences into easily digestible and most importantly easily marketable versions that takes over cities, turning the city itself into a giant park, a place solely for […]

Artist Talk with Konrad Hanke

12 Questions to Artist: Konrad Hanke Konrad’s works develop around the idea of simulated space. The works strive to combine an idea of virtual environments and their cons:tu:onal proper:es with ideas of material space. Star:ng from virtual spaces that convey the visual impression of tangible surfaces primarily through textures, without addi:onal phenomenological input, the works […]

Artist Talk with Rana Samir

12 Questions to Artist: Rana Samir Interested in the process of choosing, keeping and collecting and what drives and motivates these actions, Rana looks into this practjce and what it could possibly reveal about us. Using a personal collection to investigate into personal memories, forming connections between past and present, and looking differently at Cairo. […]

Artist Talk with Gabriela Kobus

12 Questions to Artist: Gabriela Kobus Gabriela Kobus addresses questions of absurdity and pathos and reflects on the comparability of different realities of life. She combines research and facts with her own artistic input to fill in some gaps, while other missing information remains unknown. All these elements interact in a humorous and sometimes cynical […]

Artist Talk with Grit Aulitzky

12 Questions to Artist: Grit Aulitzky Grit Aulitzky has developed an independent sculptural work that starts from real objects, which she translates into her own visual world. Her work stems from the innate joy of nature, man’s original space for leisure and contemplation, she builds trees and pebbles, transforming them in size and shape. Together, […]

Artist Talk with Sanabel Badr El-deen

12 Questions to Aritst: Sanabel Badr El-deen Places have the capacity to hold layers upon layers of intermingled social and political meaning and implications, these layers are communicated through ever-changing functions, histories, and inhabitants. Sanabel is interested in the changing functions of place and in tracking the power dynamics, the politics, and imagination involved in […]

Artist Talk with Layla Nabi

12 Questions to Artist: Layla Nabi Layla’s work is about spaces, their structures and their connection to seemingly mundane human actions. This specific work focuses on city structures as transit spaces. In Layla’s installation, City parks are seen as transit spaces: a shared space where people come together and bring their food or beer. They […]