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Artist Talk with Grit Aulitzky

12 Questions to Artist: Grit Aulitzky

Grit Aulitzky has developed an independent sculptural work that starts from real objects, which she translates into her own visual world.

Her work stems from the innate joy of nature, man's original space for leisure and contemplation, she builds trees and pebbles, transforming them in size and shape. Together, they create sort of a parallel playground.​

TH: Your life without art would be…

GA: …a life, with another kind of art. Art is more than art.


TH: Where do you take get your inspiration

GA: It’s always different. It comes by itself, while doing something or in an unexpected moment. Mostly while working, because things happen you could not imagine before.


TH: When did you start with the project Informal City Park and what attracted you most?

GA: It is Gabriela’s project, she invited the artists, she organized the room and the money.  I can’t remember, when Gabriela wrote me the first e-mail. The room of a&o Kunsthalle and the idea of her project sounded very attractive to me.


TH: What literature did you study during the lockdown phase of the project?

GA: For example Carl Olsberg: „Das Freu“, Astrid Lindgren: „Madita“, Peter Härtling: Geschichten. I read to my children.


TH: What is your work about

GA: Natural things or things of reality translated in my way of modeling or sculpturing.


TH: How do you see the interplay between amusement park and slum?

GA: This question is Gabriela’s special field of researching. People who live in slums often have something like a little amusement park, usually DIYs of different things. In general, humans really enjoy meeting and playing with other people.

TH: How was your working process, the interactions with the other artists and the relationship to the exhibition space?

GA: Last year I had a residency in a little village, where I made my stones. I really enjoyed it. The trees and stools, I had made before.

We had some meetings and online conversations.

TH: How do you look at your hometown today? Has your perception of the city changed?

GA: I believe that fewer plants and an absence of other natural surroundings can make people stupid.

TH: What moments will you remember in the future when you look back on the Informal City Park project?

GA: I will see, what I can come up with.

TH: What do you enjoy about your life as an artist?

GA: There are some facts and also feelings about. Maybe it’s an attitude of one’s own life.

TH: What is great art for you?

GA: It´s changing. Could be everything…. a flower or an animal, right now I’m really into lively things and liveliness… and the sence of the opposite…

TH: Your next projects, exhibitions. Where can you be seen?

GA: Some ideas for projects are in progress.

Translation: Christine Lewis

Foto: Gustav Franz (2-4), Grit Aulitzky (1)

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