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Fluid Grounds

19 Feb 2022 - 02 Apr 2022
The artists’ collective Delta is behind the Fluid Grounds exhibition. In sculptures, installations, video, photography, and sound, nine artists from Leipzig, Berlin, and Hamburg deal with fluid transitions, forms of accumulation and deposition, transformation, effectiveness, and disappearance of people, animals, and materials. Delta also addresses, among other things, collaboration, thus creating space for contemporary discourse; it is about interaction in online and offline spaces against the backdrop of constantly changing paradigms.
Participating artists:
Jessica Arseneau
Juan Pablo Gaviria Bedoya
Jaewon Kim
Anneliese Greve
Fritz Lehmann
Jakob Limmer
Snow Paik
Hara Shin
Siri Wirtensohn
Exhibition duration | 20.02. – 02.04.2022
Vernissage | 19th of February 4 p.m.

Photography (c) Georg Brueckmann
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  • Date: 19 Feb 2022 - 02 Apr 2022
  • Location:Leipzig
  • Curators:Julien Rathje, Tanja Heuchele