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BILDERZERSTÖRER by Bodytalk Dance Theater

Saturday, 15. January 2022

Continuation of WHOS AFRAID OF__ROSA exhibition with performance by Bodytalk.

BILDERZERTÖRER is the second part of bodytalk’s performance series NetzHaut, which questions the relationship / behavior of bodies to mass media, in mass media contexts. The focus is on this very interface “body//medium”, which we understand not only as a wound but also as a promise – that is, not to fall for the positive reinterpretation of those who propagate “human” or “bio interface” in the transhumanist sense as profiteers.

In BILDERZERSTÖRER we trace the motives of “perpetrators of conviction” who have violently attacked paintings in museums and found their way out of the art world into reality through this act of destruction. Why is it so difficult for us to imagine that an attack on a painting can prevent a war? There remains only the dissonant triad of wonder – admiration – wound. And the miracle of what this text intends to do with the piece and vice versa.


Choreography: Yoshiko Waki / Rolf Baumgart

Equipment: Nanako Oizumi

Music: Jan Paul Werge

Fotos: Klaus Dilger / Maciej Zakrzewski / Bodytalk


  • Type: Performance
  • Time: 15. January 2022 - 19:00 - 20:00