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Informal City Park

16 Apr 2021 - 28 May 2021

Informal City Park addresses aspects of urban life in rapidly changing cities and links them to the longing for distraction, escape from everyday life and pleasures that exist independently of cultural and spatial realities of life. This basic need, as a connecting element, opens up the space for intercultural illumination of the thematic field from the Arab and European perspectives of the participating artists.

The working terms “amusement park in the slum” formed the basis for an experimental thinking space, in whose further course the possibilities of an artistic approach to the subject were worked out. The subject of the amusement park stands for artificially created worlds of experience created as a contrast to everyday life, while the catchword “slum” refers to everyday life under very specific conditions in informal urban structures. The artists investigated questions of absurdity and pathos and dealt with contradictions, backgrounds and mechanisms.

Participating artists:

Mrs. Heba Mohamed (Cairo)

Mrs. Rana Samir (Cairo)

Mrs. Sanabel Gabr (Cairo)

Mr. Omar Abd El-Baky (Cairo)

Frau Grit Aulitzky (Dresden)

Frau Layla Nabi (Dresden)

Frau Gabriela Kobus (Leipzig)

Herr Konrad Hanke (Leipzig) 



Team StudioKhana: Mrs. Iman Nabil (Cairo) Mrs. Huda Zikry (Cairo) Mr. Amr Amer (Cairo)

Photography by Gustav Franz

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  • Date: 16 Apr 2021 - 28 May 2021
  • Location:a&o Kunsthalle
  • Curators:Studio Khana