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13 Aug 2021 - 04 Sep 2021


Elisa Ripoll, Mathijs van Sark, Naiara F. Cantero, Riccardo Cogliati, Róża M. Walazczyk, Sytze Woudsma, Ombeline Defrance, Aphra de Nucingen, Qafar Rsayev, Vanessa Flesch, Lisa Albrecht, Jonas Liesaus, Inga Bobrowska

X&BEYOND is the culmination of border-crossing work created in two weeks by artists from six European countries.

The collaboration with the socio-cultural centre Die VILLA Leipzig is funded by the European Solidarity Corps and the stART Foundation.

The intersection between community and borders was intensively explored. What does it mean to overcome borders together by connecting towards a valuable future? The reflection of this tension is the focus of this exhibition.

The relationship between different artistic positions and considerations were elaborated in a connecting decision-making and discovery process. Major themes such as intersectional feminism, inclusion, solidarity were discussed and explored from different perspectives. Street life, sustainability, display and activism – and the critical illumination coupled with the diverse cultural backgrounds led to some exciting discussions. Following the exchanges, the artists continued, developed or discarded their work for a new form of expression. Collaborations across the individual positions and the joint development of ideas were an important source of inspiration.

We want to thank our partners of the Art Camp / Residence for giving workshops, tours and plenty of input: Glenn Plaisier (Chemnitz University of Technology), Offene Kunstwerkstatt Leipzig, Fridays for Future Leipzig, Grassimuseum, Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst and Pilotenküche.

From August 13th to September 4th, the works in the form of paintings, performances, photographs, video pieces and installations will be displayed at the a&o Kunsthalle.

Design by Naiara F. Cantero

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  • Date: 13 Aug 2021 - 04 Sep 2021
  • Location:a&o Kunsthalle