Flying Exhibitions

The a&o Kunsthalle offers a new exhibition format in the basement of the Kunsthalle in order to give young and aspiring artists another opportunity to present their works of art to a broad public.

The format will allow the artists to curate their exhibitions themselves, experiment and try themselves out. The schedule is limited, eight days in total are available for a Flying Exhibition. The exhibition is set up within three days and then presented to the public in a further three days (Thursday to Sunday) according to the artist’s ideas. This will be followed by two days of dismantling.

This constant process of construction and deconstruction is intended to encourage experimentation and rethinking of the current exhibition formats. At the same time, Flying Exhibitions can take place at shorter and regular intervals, which allows us to offer a platform to many artists. Individual and group exhibitions are possible. In a free and informal setting the exhibitors will be given a further opportunity to sound out their position in the contemporary art scene.