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What are the ideas behind the exhibition?

In Insights, artists, curators and experts share further information of theory and practice of the works as well as surrounding discourses.

Artist Talk with Silke Berg

Silke Berg studied painting at Leipzig Academy of Visual Arts with Professor Michael Riedel and Professor Ingo Meller as well as in

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Artist Talk with Heba Mohamed

12 Questions to Artist: Heba Mohamed Heba’s work ponders the commodification and fetishization of cities, the over simplification, the reduction, and the

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Artist Talk with Rana Samir

12 Questions to Artist: Rana Samir Interested in the process of choosing, keeping and collecting and what drives and motivates these actions,

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Artist Talk with Gabriela Kobus

12 Questions to Artist: Gabriela Kobus Gabriela Kobus addresses questions of absurdity and pathos and reflects on the comparability of different realities

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Artist Talk with Grit Aulitzky

12 Questions to Artist: Grit Aulitzky Grit Aulitzky has developed an independent sculptural work that starts from real objects, which she translates

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Artist Talk with Layla Nabi

12 Questions to Artist: Layla Nabi Layla’s work is about spaces, their structures and their connection to seemingly mundane human actions. This

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